It's always difficult to get a straight answer from him.  Born a comedian, raised a photographer, Randy Shropshire hails from Los Angeles by way of Baltimore.  There, at the age of eleven, he became obsessed with the sound of a camera's shutter.
      Over the next 30+ years his career has taken him around the world, every continent and all fifty of these United States...that's right, even South Dakota.  Now, settled in Los Angeles, you can find him lurking behind the scenes of motion pictures and television.  If you have a really good eye you might catch him cover entertainment for Getty Images. 
      When not chasing stars and starlets, Randy enjoys applying the ancient techniques of shooting film.  Armed with analogue cameras from Leica to Holga, we are always amazed by what develops.  His work spans many disciplines and styles but one thing is always true....he really knows how to man a Bar-B-Q.
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